Monday, 6 April 2015

Piano Card etc.

A special hello ladies - sorry I missed posting last week but time got away on me! I did get a few complaints from some local ladies, so I am trying to rectify that by adding one now, although I know it is rather late in the day. Easter seems to be a very busy time for us, but feel now we can get back into a more relaxed life, hopefully! We have had a lovely weekend with many visitors around and the weather was pretty good over all.

Today I thought I would share a card that I taught at Artfull Crafts a couple of weeks ago. The ladies seemed to enjoy it and all were thrilled with their finished project.

You will see no doubt, that I was trying to beat the rain taking this photo! The collection used was Kaisercraft's, On Stage, which was perfect for this card. It can be folded flat for posting as the leg just folds under and as the two back layers open revealing the sentiment.

I have branched out with this one, instead of a card, we have a box. Now this pattern was found in Tattered Lace, issue 14 and it was such fun to make, with the instructions being easy to follow. I am usually a visual person but had no problems at all just following the steps. Under the lid of the piano it is an actual box, which could of course, be filled with lots of goodies. I thought flowers were better for the waistline!

Hope I am forgiven for the slip up last week. On Wednesday I am heading up to Christchurch as we are going to have a girls time away to celebrate, with Rachelle, the completion of her chemotherapy and before she has further surgery. As the girls have organized it all, it is going to be a bit of a surprise and at the moment I am in the dark. I am so thankful for my three lovely daughters and my very special daughter-in-law.

All tonight ladies. I do hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend and that you all have a happy holiday time with the children.I know my daughters enjoy the holidays, as there is not so much pressure  getting the kids to school etc. Many blessings,

Betsy  xxx


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    1. Hi Teresa dear - no, not clever, just not too bad at reading instructions. Catch up with you and Lesley at Retailers Days?