Thursday, 16 June 2011

A catch up.

Well, I see it's quite a while since I have last blogged so will do a little catch up. Life has been rather hectic this past week or so, what with SENZ so close! Anyway I think we are all getting things sorted out now. Us girls are really looking forward to it now and it will be great to see you all in Auckland. See, I still class myself as a 'girl'. Mind you, I still have quite a job keeping up with these young things!!
Here is a card I made some time ago for my grand-daughter Ella. It is a free standing card. Actually I made the same type of card in the last 'Card Temptation' pack so do have a peek.
Must away and get my beauty sleep again - it hasn't done much good yet but one can always hope!!
May God bless you all,

1 comment:

  1. These are lovely cards Betsy - your photos are looking really great too with the closer cropped images.
    Look forward to seeing you next week.
    Lowri :-)