Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Few cards Made with Lovely Sweet Nothings

Good evening to all my blogging friends.
As I am going to be away tomorrow again, I will make an effort tonight to put up another blog. Had a fun day at Arfull Crafts today - it is always most enjoyable spending the morning with  like minded ladies. We actually made a neverending card today - most of the ladies found it rather a challenge but it kept everyone on their toes!
The last Card Temptation Kit pack I did, for Artfull Crafts, was the lovely Kaisercraft, Sweet Nothings collection. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this range - it is very sweet, in fact so much so that I have continued to make more cards. Thought I would show them to you.

Well, I had better make that do tonight. Don't you agree with me that the papers are lovely? There are so many colour combinations that can be acheived using this range.  Just love it!!
We are heading down to the farm again for over Christmas, so in case I don't get back onto the computer before we leave ( Hugh is planning going earlier rather than later!) I do trust you will all have a happy Christmas as well as a safe one. It is so wonderful being able to get with families over this holiday time.
May God bless you all,

Betsy xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Wedding at The Weekend.

In my last post I told you of a wedding that we were going to, over the weekend. It was absolutely lovely, so thought I would show you a few photos of the gorgeous couple and the family. It was very Indian and I was even persuaded to wear an Indian outfit as well! We had the groom's aunties staying with us - what super ladies they were. Aunty Kushma had brought a couple of outfits but of course could only wear one, hence Betsy got the beautiful cerise pink one. See what you think!!

'Fraid my skin needed a little tanning and my hair needed a little dyeing to match the lovely Indian ladies but it was altogether, rather fun. Could also do with a bit more height!!
As I have been in Timaru for most of the day and haven't done any work here, had better go and show something for my day.
May you all know God's blessing,

Betsy xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Not many days now 'til Santa's here!!

Phew - it sure is hot!! Am feeling rather like a grease spot!!
We had our patchwork Christmas dinner today, which was most enjoyable. Before that, I went to Timaru to the Radiology Dept to get a Ultra Sound on my old hip. The Xray I had on Tuesday was just fine, but the Surgeon is wondering if the muscle has pulled away, as it is held by a couple of stitches. Oh, the joys of getting older!! The motto of the story is when you get to 71, and have just had a hip replacement, DON"T sit on the floor to do your work! The after effects can be rather painful!!

We had a lovely day last Friday as a few of my special friends got together, of course to do card making. I have a nice photo of them - hope they don't mind me showing it to you all.
Well, I can't put up all I have been doing lately, as far as card making goes, as it is still very secretive. Kaisercraft have me fully employed but I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel now. Mind you I really do enjoy working with all their lovely new collections! I'm not complaining at all!
I will put up another couple of orders I have done though.

A very simple card made for a Golden Wedding. I use this 3D rose quite a lot and it is always appreciated.

This card is made for a wedding that we have been invited to tomorrow. I do hope they like it and that the day is wonderful for them. They are a lovely Fijian- Indian couple, so we are looking forward to that. Just hope it is a little cooler though - not cold just cooler!!
Sounds as though it is tea time by the noises coming from the kitchen.
With many blessings to you all, thank you for checking this out.

Much love, Betsy xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A teaser.

Hello to all my blogging friends. Just a quick post tonight as I have had a busy day at Artfull Crafts in Timaru. It has been rather an effort today as I have a very sore hip and found it quite a job getting round. A doctor's visit in the morning to see what I have done to it. It is my new one too!!
Anyway, I have been fully occupied lately working on some of Kaisercraft's new year collections. You're sure going to love them! I can't really show you what I have done, as that would be spoiling the fun but I will give you a little teaser. Here are just two peeps.

Of course, those that know me will be saying, "that's her colours"!! You'll all be surprised though.
 I will also include a card I made for an order, using my grand calibur. The roses were made using the Tim Holtz tattered florals die - I do enjoy making these roses. They were sponged with sepia ink then sprayed with glimmer mist.

Actually, I have also done the new card temptations kit for December. Took it in to Liz today. Know you will all enjoy doing this kit as much as I have.
I was supposed to be going down to Cromwell, to my daughters, for the weekend but looks as though I will not be moving far. She is organising a Razzle, Dazzle and Bling fashion show as a fund raiser for pre- school. It should be a lot of fun - when Jo does something she puts her all into it!

Must go and find somewhere comfy, may you all know God's blessing.

Betsy xx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A great weekend

Whew!! What a great weekend was had by all. It has been very busy altogether but we have enjoyed it. The weather didn't perform as it should have, there was plenty of mud underfoot, but at least it did not keep raining. This afternoon it  has been back to it's usual - lovely and warm.I'm looking forward to a few days off, just to catch my breath.  Think I'm getting a bit old for all this excitement. It's really not that far 'til we will have to be getting into Christmas mode!
I have decided to put up the three quillts I had displayed in the exhibition. Hope you enjoy.

I made this quilt for my youngest little grandson, Harvey. His bedroom is all done out as a pirate ship so it does rather suit the theme. The favourite fabric in it is the one with the flames, so he says. He is a delightful four, but tells me he is no longer four but four and three quarters, thank you Nanna!!

This second one was made for my lovely daughter-in-law and of course my son. It does look amazing in their bedroom as I have tried to co-ordinate the colours to match the wallpapers and drapes.They have a new house on the farm so I hope they enjoy it. I have made one for the three kids so I think Michelle was feeling a bit neglected, not having one on her bed. She's up with the play now!

I fell in love with this pattern some time back and just had to make it for, guess who! Me!! Mind you ,I haven't a clue where I'm going to hang it. There is certainly no wall space in our little house, I tell everyone it will hang in the garage along with the other ones I have done- they usually look at me rather funny!! But I do have a very nice garage! Anyway, it is a wallhanging designed be the famous McKenna Ryan, all patchworkers will know who I am referring to. It really was fun to do, although it took me some time. Maybe Betty, at our patchwork shop here in Geraldine, will rescue it, as she has done with another two of my quilts.

For some reason, unbeknown to me, the wrong date comes up on the top of the blog. It is actually Sunday evening and I do feel it is my bedtime. Will have to get Graham and Liz to come out and give me some more computer tutition - don't know what I would do without them. Anyway, feel it's a minor complication when taken overall.

Have a great week, with special blessings to you all,

Betsy. xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Home Again

Hello  to all my blogging friends on this lovely Spring day. It is great to be home again, even though we had a wonderful time with our families. We had a couple of nights at Cromwell, with our daughter ( her husband is an oil rig man, hence he was away ) on the way down South, then we took the two little people with us down to the farm.They always enjoy the time spent with their cousins on the farm and of course, doing all the farm activities. I'm sure their father's hair would have stood on end, many a time, if he'd seen what they got up to. Anyway they're safely back home and all's well!
I will put up three cards that I made for special orders before I went away. At the moment I am working on projects for Kaisercraft. Boy, you're all going to love these new collections! Their papers are just getting better and better - I love them all!! Of course, I haven't got a paper addiction - it's good you can't see into my workroom!!

This card was made for a young lady who is just turning 15 and apparently loves fashion. DCWV  Lemon Flower papers were used ( I love them ), the flowers were made with Tim Holtz Rosettes Dies ( it is so easy to use and I think the fowers are so effective), and Martha Stewart Border punch.

Another card for Sarah who enjoys playing the Saxaphone. I made this card using the Kaisercraft Velvet Ensemble collection - even the saxaphone was part of this paper. What would we do without Spellbinders dies for cutting out our shapes?

This last card was made for a special patchwork friend who is moving away from the area. And Mary, we are sorry you are leaving us! Kaisercraft Bonjour range was used, Tim Holtz birdcage die and Kaiser flowers.I glimmer misted both the birdcage and the bird after stamping it with a script stamp- the bird that is!
We have a very big weekend ahead of us this coming weekend as it is the Geraldine Arts and Plants Festival.Our little town really does come to life, there is so much going on! As well as all the other activities round the town the patchwork group have a big exhibition of all the quilts made this year - it is absolutely stunning to see them all. I have three that I have made so will show them later on the blog. I think one of the Christchurch families are coming down to stay so we will enjoy that - it's great for Darby and Joan to have some life around the place!!
Must stop waffling and get back to work,
God bless you all, thanks for checking this out, love your comments.
Betsy, XX

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Our Big Trip and a card.

Hello all - I don't know if I am completely back to earth yet but am trying my best. A good sleep-in helped a bit this morning!! We did have a wonderful time in Melbourne, doing all the girly things ( well I tagged along ) Lowri and Liz did the girly things, I carried the bags!! Liz drove (with the help of the GPS), Lowri navigated, and I sat in the back seat and prayed!! All turned out well, not too many detours! Then it was down to Geelong where Kaisercraft put on a tremendous day for us all. The team are simply wonderful, gave us the red carpet treatment and it was so nice to meet them all. I for one, didn't realise just what a big concern Kaisercraft is, so was  favourably impressed after having had a tour of the factory and the outlet store. Thanks so much to all you special people.
I will include a few photos that I took, but I'm afraid I forgot I had a camera most of the time. Just too busy checking on everything!!

This was taken at breakfast so we all look a bit sleepy!

Liz and I out on the town.

Lowri, Al, Liz and Shirl, these girls are so lovely.

Outside Kaisercraft factory having lunch. It was a beatiful day as you can see. The two girls in the foreground are the designers / artists who design all the lovely collections, Claire and Jess. They even gave us an insight into how they work. Claire gets married today so we wish her well, hope her day goes of beautifully and we're looking forward to some photos.
Well, a great time was had by all but now must get back to normal living! I did come home with a good number of next year's collections to play with, so am looking forward to that. Must say you are all going to be impressed with the new ranges!

This is a card I have just made for a 60th wedding anniversary, for a friend. Spellbinders labels and No16 die was used, Kaiser flowers, and seam binding which has been coloured with glimmermist. Love this stuff also the seam binding. It bows so lovely using my bow-tie.
We are heading down South this week to see our south families so am really looking forward to that, even though the kids will be back at school. Don't know when I will be blogging again but 'til I do, may you all know God's blessing and I better say, may the All Blacks win. That's especially for Liz!!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

We're Off to Oz

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho it's off to Oz we go. We must admit we're pretty excited. It will be fun to catch up with the Australian girls again and of course visit the Melbourne scrap shops. Liz has them all sussed out and she has a GPS, so as long as it is reliable we should be fine. Here's hoping!!
Thanks everyone for your good wishes, that includes you Jocelyn.

I will put a couple of cards up just to show I haven't been altogether side-tracked. The orders seem to be still coming in. Must  say I do love doing cards for special orders and personalizing them.

This card was made with one of the new, new collections that are coming out from Kaisercraft. It is just to wet your appitite - the papers are just stunning! Martha Stewart punch, Spellbinders labels die, and Kaisercraft flowers were used. I glimmermisted the main flower after I put it together. It is another 51/4" square card which I have been making more of lately.

Again using the same papers - afraid I have to keep you in suspence!! By now, you will no doubt know I love the Tilda stamps. I use my copics to colour them. Isn't that Spellbinders No 16 die lovely? Have you all noticed the Artfull Crafts have all Sellbinders dies, both old and new, on special at the moment. You can't have too many of these wonderful dies!!

Must away and pack my bag.
With blessings to you all,

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Off to Australia

Good evening everyone. Well, I'm so excited as Liz, Lowri and I are heading over to Aus to the Kaisercraft Party - can you see me grinning! We are flying over on Friday next, to Melbourne, staying a few nights there then heading down to Geelong where Kaisercraft is having the big event. It will be lovely, to not only catch up with the girls I met at SENZ but to meet others, I have not as yet met. Shirl and Lisa it will be great to finally meet you both - looking forward to that.

Had better stop waffling and show you a couple of cards.
Here is a card I made for my lovely 13year old grand-daughter, Ella. Martha Stewart punch was used for the border, I cut the name out using my  Cuttlebug Alphabet, Harmony. Before cutting it out I adhered the card to Jac paper so that it had the adhesive already on which made it easier to attach to the card. The image was a 3D. Of course, it was cut out using my Grand Calibur with a Labels 1 die. The roses I made the Marianne rose die and the ribbon was tied using my bow- tie.

This next card is called a petal card. Spellbinders Lotus die was used, Kaisercraft paper flowers crunched up and glimmer misted and the small flowers are also Kaisercraft. I really do love that seam binding, so soft and vintagey. Using glimmer mist you can colour it almost any colour you want. I have versamarked the flourish then after stamping, have chalked over it. Lastly, sponged round all edges with sepia ink to give it an aged look.

Well, another day tomorrow, my patchwork day and we are going to a friend's home out past Pleasant Point. We always enjoy driving out to Denise's place and the view is absolutely stunning. I am just starting another wallhanging - not sure where I'll hang this one but it is always fun beginning a new project.

May God bless you all my blogging friends,
A rather excited Betsy.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Free standing cards

Hello to all my blogging friends. Another week has gone and I don't know where! As one gets older, time just seems to bolt away. Anyway we have a lot to be thankful for and enjoy each day as it is given to us.

When we were at Fairlie the other Saturday, we worked with these papers and made a man's card. The cards were lovely and as I had some paper left over thought I would use it up - hence the card. This would be a card that could be given to kids, very easy to make and rather effective. It actually folds down and could be put into a normal sized envelope for posting. Don't you love that Martha Stewart punch border? For Craft Creators on Friday we are making this card, a choice of either Christmas or normal.

Now here is the same card made in the gorgeous 25days to Christmas papers. Available of course at Artfull Crafts. The colours in this range are lovely - perhaps one of my favourite Christmas ones.

Well, that's all for now - must keep going on the Card Temptations Kit for next month. I am really enjoying working with this Bonjour collection from Kaisercraft. Actually this is one of the ranges I did for Kaisercraft which has a couple of cards displayed in the Workshop Magazine. Pick yours up at Artfull Crafts.

Timaru tomorrow - we do enjoy our time with Liz in the morning and of course, being with the other ladies is so much fun. It is such a social gathering and Artfull Crafts is a wonderful place to meet. All will agree!!

With very special blessings to you all - thanks for checking this out and also for your comments. I love hearing from you.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Love is in the air!!

Hello blogging friends. Do hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a great day over at Fairlie, making cards of course, with a wonderful group of ladies. Thank you to Kaye for organizing the day, also to Liz for her tuition. It was a beaut day ladies.

Here is a card I made, for an order, for a friend. As the proposal was made in view of the Eiffel Tower, it had to be on the card. Now don't you reckon that's romantic!! It made me think back many years now, to the time I was proposed to - in a woolshed, skinning smelly opossums! I had no highfalutin ideas of what being married to a farmer was all about!! Anyway, I did say yes and have never regretted it.

Now back to the card. I will have to keep the papers, I have used a secret as yet, but I will say they are from Kaisercraft and absolutely lovely! Keep watching this space! It is a very simple card but I was really pleased with it. I have taken to making a lot of 5 1/4" cards lately which I think are a nice size. The main flower is again Kaiser's paper flowers, stacked up, crunched, then glimmermisted. The small roses are from Artful Crafts. They carry a great range of flowers and of course many other goodies!

My grand calibur was used to cut this card out. I can't praise it too highly! The papers are Basic Grey, Sweet Threads, and are beautiful colours. Kaiser flowers and sparklets add to the card, and the Cherry Lynn Flourish die for cutting out the flourish - it is so lovely and fine. Do hope Janis is happy with her card!

Well blessings to you all, catch you again soon,


Monday, 12 September 2011

Duplicating Artfull Crafts blog

Morning everyone. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. We had a very rushed trip down to Dunedin, for a funeral, on Friday, and the rest of the weekend I have been rather busy fulfilling an interesting challenge. Oh! what these young things expect one to do, - they forget my age !!! Anyway I do enjoy these challenges and have almost completed it now.
I decided to duplicate what I put on Artfull Crafts blog as some of you will want to view it here. The first card is my interpretation of the sketch that Tanya Leigh designed. Originally it is for a layout but I adapted it to a card. Spring has Sprung is this month's challenge theme so I have also used that. It perhaps looks a little washed out, but I did photograph it very early in the morning. Am still working on perfecting my photography !!

The next card is one I made for a friend, for an order. I love my Grand Calibur, and I used it to cut out this easel card. I'm rather fond of cards with a bit of difference. What do you reckon ladies?

Well, I must go and continue the good work.
God's blessings to you all, and thank you to all the kind ladies who have commented or checked out my blog.
With love, Betsy.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Title for previous posts.

As you will no doubt see I have made a couple of posts and have no comments to go with them. I have been playing around with Picasa and as yet haven't worked out how to do the blogging, all in one!! Even after Liz and Graham's help - as my grandson would say " You're a bit thick Nana!" Technology isn't my strong point by any stretch of the imagination!
Now these cards, in the previous two posts, are specially for the Ashburton girls who asked me to put them on my blog. They were made at Craft Creators, very simple especially if you are making a number.
Trust everyone is enjoying our lovely Spring weather. Thank you to all the Ashburton ladies for another wonderful day on Saturday.
With blessings to you all,
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Thursday, 1 September 2011

A quick Post

This is a very quick post before I head off for a day at patchwork. First day of Spring, so isn't that wonderful, and it is a lovely morning. Just a couple of cards that I have done for very special friends.

Again this card is a diorama card which I am finding rather enjoyable to make. It is made especially for my friend Marla who has had a special birthday. Splitcoaststampers has a tutorial on their blog. I used Lemon Flower stack papers again -that pad is just gorgeous! The old photo I have to give credit to Magic Moonlight Images - that site is wonderful if you are wanting vintage images.

Well, believe it or not, here is another diorama card made for my friend Lyn. It is very similar to the previous one but is made with the colours I know Lyn likes - green and brown! The large flower is made with Kaiser paper flowers, put together with a brad then crunched up and glimmer misted. Don't you love them?

Well with special love to all you ladies, thanks for checking up on my blog.
God bless, Betsy.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Beautiful day - summer is here!!

I see it is a week since I last blogged, so here we are again. What a fabulous day it has been today - it really does feel like Spring is here and I do hope it is here to stay!
It has been patchworking today and I do enjoy the time spent with my friends. I am busy working on a wallhanging, almost completed so my brain is busy working out what to do next!! This weekend it is Craft Creators, so all day Friday and Saturday I will be tutoring cards, now there's a change for you!!
Here are some more cards I have been busy making.

This card was made for my grandaughter Danielle, very much a teenager. She has legs about as long as this girl on the card, which is a photo I managed to get off the computer. She's delightful and we love her dearly. The roses I made using Cherry Lyne rose die - they are so easy to make and I think they are lovely. The punched border was made using a Martha Stewart punch and my bow easy was used to tie the double bow.It was made for me by a special friend's husband - thank you Noel.

I have used the lovely Blae and Ivy papers by Kaisercraft for this card. The colours in the collection are absolutely lovely. Another Cherry Lyne die was used for the trellis background, Martha Stewart punch for the borders, and Spellbinders Label die for the label. A Kaiser rub-on sentiment.What would we do without KAISERCRAFT!!

The last card is made with Pink Geleto, again from Kaisercraft - anyone would think I am promoting Kaiser, wouldn't they!! A recessed window card with a photo off the web - I do spend a considerable amount of time on the computer, as no doubt you have already guessed. There are some very clever ladies out there in blogland, as well as an awful lot of resources.

Well ladies, thank you all for checking this out - do hope you have had a lovely day where you are. Also thank you for all the kind comments. I do appreciate you all.

God bless each and every one of you,


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Winter is upon us!!

Well ladies, haven't we been having some cold weather the past few days? Makes one really look forward to Spring, doesn't it.
Apart from the weather, I have had a lovely weekend as I was tutoring some very special ladies in Christchurch. Thank you all so much for having me at your place - loved every minute of it and do hope I was able to leave you all with some worthwhile tips. I got home safely on Monday and I must admit I was very pleased, after quite a slow trip. As I have said before, I'm not all that fond of snow!

Now I must put up a couple of new cards.

This first card was made for a very special friend who has reached 90years young - and she truly is! This was made with " Blae and Ivy" collection which is from Kaisercraft. It is one of my many favorites, of course as well as Kaisercraft!! The large flower is made using Kaisercraft paper flowers, crushing them up after putting them together with a brad and them spraying with glimmer-mist. I love this look. The sentiment is one of their rub-ons which are very handy.

Card number two was made for one of my grand-daughters, Jade. Artfull Crafts very kindly gave me a Grand Calibur, as a thank you ( I'm not sure what for!!) and I am having a lot of fun with it. I love shaped cards, I love Lemon Flower Stack papers and I love Tilda!! So it really is a wonderful combination, wouldn't you agree! My copics were used to colour Tilda which of course is a Magnolia stamp.

Well that's all for now, hope you are all keeping warm.
You may find it is easier to leave a comment now, as Liz has kindly opened it up for me. Do love your comments, makes blogging all worthwhile!

May you know God's blessing,

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Another week gone!

Well ladies, Another week has flown by - where do they go? We are having the most beautiful weather here at the moment and should really be outside doing some gardening but I'm afraid I am procrastinating. Have to tutor a few classes this week so have been busy preparing for them - much better employed than gardening!

Here are a couple of new cards I have made. The man's card is called a Diorama card which can be found on Splitcoaststamper's website. I am not really into men's cards all that much but must say I did enjoy doing this one.

The next card is one I made for a friend using my new Grand Calibur which Artfull Crafts so kindly gave me.It was made with the lovely Lemon Flower Stack papers. As I've said before, I love this range.
What fun it is to make shaped cards with the bigger dies. Will have to get a few more though!

The roses are from the same papers using a die to cut them out. They are fun to make, burnt fingers and all! It is best to use a glue gun when making them as the glue sets faster. Hope you like your card Shirley!

Must go and continue the good work.

May God bless you all on this lovely day,