Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Few cards Made with Lovely Sweet Nothings

Good evening to all my blogging friends.
As I am going to be away tomorrow again, I will make an effort tonight to put up another blog. Had a fun day at Arfull Crafts today - it is always most enjoyable spending the morning with  like minded ladies. We actually made a neverending card today - most of the ladies found it rather a challenge but it kept everyone on their toes!
The last Card Temptation Kit pack I did, for Artfull Crafts, was the lovely Kaisercraft, Sweet Nothings collection. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this range - it is very sweet, in fact so much so that I have continued to make more cards. Thought I would show them to you.

Well, I had better make that do tonight. Don't you agree with me that the papers are lovely? There are so many colour combinations that can be acheived using this range.  Just love it!!
We are heading down to the farm again for over Christmas, so in case I don't get back onto the computer before we leave ( Hugh is planning going earlier rather than later!) I do trust you will all have a happy Christmas as well as a safe one. It is so wonderful being able to get with families over this holiday time.
May God bless you all,

Betsy xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Wedding at The Weekend.

In my last post I told you of a wedding that we were going to, over the weekend. It was absolutely lovely, so thought I would show you a few photos of the gorgeous couple and the family. It was very Indian and I was even persuaded to wear an Indian outfit as well! We had the groom's aunties staying with us - what super ladies they were. Aunty Kushma had brought a couple of outfits but of course could only wear one, hence Betsy got the beautiful cerise pink one. See what you think!!

'Fraid my skin needed a little tanning and my hair needed a little dyeing to match the lovely Indian ladies but it was altogether, rather fun. Could also do with a bit more height!!
As I have been in Timaru for most of the day and haven't done any work here, had better go and show something for my day.
May you all know God's blessing,

Betsy xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Not many days now 'til Santa's here!!

Phew - it sure is hot!! Am feeling rather like a grease spot!!
We had our patchwork Christmas dinner today, which was most enjoyable. Before that, I went to Timaru to the Radiology Dept to get a Ultra Sound on my old hip. The Xray I had on Tuesday was just fine, but the Surgeon is wondering if the muscle has pulled away, as it is held by a couple of stitches. Oh, the joys of getting older!! The motto of the story is when you get to 71, and have just had a hip replacement, DON"T sit on the floor to do your work! The after effects can be rather painful!!

We had a lovely day last Friday as a few of my special friends got together, of course to do card making. I have a nice photo of them - hope they don't mind me showing it to you all.
Well, I can't put up all I have been doing lately, as far as card making goes, as it is still very secretive. Kaisercraft have me fully employed but I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel now. Mind you I really do enjoy working with all their lovely new collections! I'm not complaining at all!
I will put up another couple of orders I have done though.

A very simple card made for a Golden Wedding. I use this 3D rose quite a lot and it is always appreciated.

This card is made for a wedding that we have been invited to tomorrow. I do hope they like it and that the day is wonderful for them. They are a lovely Fijian- Indian couple, so we are looking forward to that. Just hope it is a little cooler though - not cold just cooler!!
Sounds as though it is tea time by the noises coming from the kitchen.
With many blessings to you all, thank you for checking this out.

Much love, Betsy xx