Monday, 18 June 2018

Spellbinders Dies

Here we are again ladies - you haven't got rid of me yet although I do know I have not been playing the game! Those that I have talked to that are retired, all say that when retired one seems to get busier and I sure can vouch for that. Maybe it's because one gets considerably slower over the years.

Anyway, do hope you are all well and progressing through this Winter time with it's cool cloudy days. It's great we have Spring to look forward to.

Firstly I must share our lovely family, well just about all, that is. A few of them had to disappear earlier than this photo was taken. We were all together for the weekend celebrating Grandad's 80th birthday two weekends ago and what a fabulous time we had. It was cold as you can see by the outfits but it was in the Catlins and we were all prepared!

I have been playing with a gorgeous Spellbinder's Die, Amazing Paper Grace, Sweetheart Swirl, which was kindly lent to me and these two cards are both made with the same die. The first was made as is, a slightly bigger card, and the second one I did cut a section out of the middle covering the cut with the ribbon. I love both but maybe the second is more versatile as it does make a square card. Possibilities are endless really.
Foamiran flowers and berries complete both of these and I do like the mirror rose gold card which I cut the die out of. Jo, at Embellish It is only too happy to get this die for you, just contact her. For both cards I have used Prima Collections, Havana for the first and Amelia Rose for the second. Both are gorgeous with lovely foiling.

An exciting little secret ladies - I have been called out of retirement and will be teaching at Embellish It on every second Wednesday morning for a little while ( Jo has a lot to answer for!!) but I must admit, I do love being with these lovely ladies. They do make allowances for age which I am very thankful for. Wednesday we will be using a very similar die on one of the cards, so book in if you are keen, by 'phoning the shop.

That's it today, I must go and complete the kits. Thanks so much for not giving up on me and checking out on my blog. Happy crafting and special blessings to you all.

Betsy  xxx

Spellbinders Dies