Monday, 20 July 2015

Catching Up On Sleep

Well ladies, I am home and doing my level best to catch up on some sleep! Just as well I have a very accommodating husband, who provides me with breakfast in bed and then leaves me to snuggle back up. Look what all you young ones have to look forward to, in your retirement!

We did have a wonderful time both in Australia and at SENZ in Auckland. It is so lovely to catch up with all our special friends and of course to make new ones. Thanks so much to all you people that made our break away so enjoyable, especially Liz and Graham who put up with me for all the time. You are about as accommodating as my husband, except for allowing me to sleep in! All's well now though and I still love you both.

 Today, I would like to share with you some things I have put together since returning home. Imagine-if, at SENZ, had these gorgeous chipboard Hollow Book sets and as I always like a challenge, I bought one to put together. Of course, I had to use my all time favourite collection, Betsy's Couture, and I so love the finished result. The instructions are very easy to follow, even I managed with no trouble!

The front cover of the book.

The inside, as you can see,  is hollowed out. Thanks so much Jo - I love it.

Now, my next Serendipitous find at Auckland, were these stunning flowers which just look like porcelain when played with. KraftersCART are the stockist of these and the selection of flowers is unlimited. Just wish I had had more time to sort through them. They are printed on a transparency sheet which you cut out, place over a candle to soften each petal, then mould.

For these cards I made recessed window cards, so as to allow for the extra height on the flowers. The first is a clematis and the second is a helleborus, which after moulding, I placed a dob of glue in the centre of each then added some seed beads. I am having so much fun playing with these. By the way, they are very strong and,I think a bubble bag would be all right for posting.

All today ladies, do trust you are all enjoying a lovely sunny day, as we are here. Happy crafting and may God bless you all.

Betsy  xxx