Monday, 25 July 2011

Millie's Birthday card.

Well ladies, it is my day at home today to catch up on all the things that have been neglected lately. The forecast is not very good for most of the country but we are enjoying a sunny day here. It is lovely sitting in the sun, as I add to my blog. Hope the snow hasn't upset your plans too much. Some of the family  are to be travelling to the farm in a day or two, so hope they manage it. Our daughter-in-law said they haven't much snow, down in the Catlins - sounds as though it is further North. Roads are closed around Dunedin.

Well, I must add a card that I have made for our Millie Rose's eighth birthday. Last year she had a real crush on Justine Bieber so the card had to be focused on him! She told her mother, " I hope Nana knows I don't like Justine Bieber anymore." Nanas have to be mind readers!! Now this is the result for this year as apparently it's fairies and roses. It is a recessed window card which has been made with 3D  decoupage. She seemed to have approved of it.

Thanks for looking ladies, trust you are all keeping warm.
May you know God's blessing,

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