Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back From Australia

Good morning all.
What a lovely morning it is after a hard frost. Well, I am just about back to normal after a really wonderful weekend with Liz and our travelling companions, Jo and Sarah. It was so lovely to be back at Kaisercraft for their retailers day on Monday, meeting all the friends etc that I have met before and all the fabulous team that run such an amazing business. I have a few photos that I would like to share with you.

The two designers that make such a wonderful job of designing the fabulous collections, Claire and Jules. Jess is overseas at the moment having a holiday.

This is one of the machines that cut out all the OTP products in the factory - there are a number of them, this one is cutting out mirrors.

In the warehouse where the boxes are all ready for delivery - the warehouse seems to go on for ever!!

This photo is of Liz and I with the lovely Stephen Kaiser - what a wonderful team he and Caroline, his wife, make. They sure make one feel special! Caroline was organising the food and what a credit it was to her.

The end of a lovely day - tea out with Mel and Christina. Lana was there as well but she dodged the photo.We're all looking a bit the worse for wear!!
I could show you many more photos of the displays etc but that would spoil it for the CHA show - they are all collections that are going to be presented there for the first time. Keep you all in suspense!! I have worked with them and there are some lovely ones coming out in the near future.
Never any rest for the wicked they say!! It's all go now, preparing for the big SENZ expo in Hamilton - we leave on Wednesday, so as to be able to set up for the weekend. Hugh, my husband has decided he needs to set up a lonely husbands club!! Do you think he'll have any takers?
Well, must continue with the good work.
Happy crafting and God bless,

Betsy xxx

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