Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kaisercraft's Tropicana Cards

Hello again to all my blogging friends.
Well, Christmas is fast approaching now and it will be so lovely to be with our families again.
All the break-ups are behind us, so we are almost in holiday mode!
 I share a birthday with another friend, so a group of us are going out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate the occasion. When one gets to my age, it would be nice if we could just forget all about these milestones - anyway, we can be so thankful for the years that God has given us to enjoy!.
Now, these are the last of the cards which I have done for the Kaisercraft Workshop Magazine, for December.
It is a collection which is quite different for me but I could imagine if you have been to Tropical Islands or know someone who has been, it would be very appropriate. See what you think ladies!

Does it make you want to go where it is warmer?
It is bitterly cold here today after having had a very hot day yesterday. We hope for an improvement tomorrow. The weather is so unpredictable lately!
Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been busy doing and that you will maybe get some ideas for your projects. I'm actually on holiday from now on, for this year, as far as making cards!! Dare say I will be getting itchy fingers before too long!

Happy crafting to you all, many blessings and if travelling, do drive safely.

Betsy  xxx

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  1. Betsy, what a tropical paradise exhibited in your artwork! So pretty. Thank you for sharing your techniques and thoughts in projects, too.