Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Title for previous posts.

As you will no doubt see I have made a couple of posts and have no comments to go with them. I have been playing around with Picasa and as yet haven't worked out how to do the blogging, all in one!! Even after Liz and Graham's help - as my grandson would say " You're a bit thick Nana!" Technology isn't my strong point by any stretch of the imagination!
Now these cards, in the previous two posts, are specially for the Ashburton girls who asked me to put them on my blog. They were made at Craft Creators, very simple especially if you are making a number.
Trust everyone is enjoying our lovely Spring weather. Thank you to all the Ashburton ladies for another wonderful day on Saturday.
With blessings to you all,

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  1. Great work Betsy. Hopefully you'll be fine from now on with the photos!!