Monday, 19 November 2012

A Thank You Card

Good morning ladies.

Another Arts and Plants weekend is behind us and what  a busy weekend it has been! There are so many people converge on our little village for the three days, and there is so much hype and excitement! The patchwork display is a priority, there really is such a build up all year to get projects etc completed - it is all well worth it when the lovely work is viewed by so many people and the comments are always very positive.
Well done again, to all my patchwork friends.
The weekend before last, I had the privilege of tutoring an amazing group of ladies at Timaru, making Christmas cards. I really can't understand why they needed a tutor, as you will agree when I show you the lovely thank you card, that was presented to me. Thank you so much Wilson Street Baptist ladies.

It is beautiful and someone even knows my favourite colour combination!!
The photo seems a trifle out of focus but do click on it for a clearer image. It is well worth it.
All from me today, do remember to check out Artfull Craft's competitions etc as it is always a fun time of the year there and lots of prizes can be won.
Happy crafting to all and may you know God's blessings,

Betsy xxx


  1. Yes it is a very nice card that was made for you. We at WSBC owe most of our card making skills to you and we are very thankful for it. We all are looking forward to see what you can inspire us with next year. LYN

  2. The card is very pretty and I am sure was well deserved. Keep well xx