Monday, 11 August 2014

Recent Cards

Good morning to all my blog friends. Another week has flown by with not much evidence of anything I have achieved, other than cards, cards and more cards. The list seemed to have crept up on me but there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel now. Whew!! The garden is calling very loud and clear, needing lots of attention, so that will have to be the next project.

Today I will share three cards that I have recently completed - all are very different.

These Julie Nutting dolls are rather fun to dress, as a lot of my friends have discovered. They bring back memories of the paper dolls that we used to have as kids. The teenage girls seem to like the tags and Millie Rose did love receiving this one. We were with her for her eleventh birthday before the family left for their overseas trip.

Another card using Marianne's Step Card Die, made for an order. The paper was bought from Paper Arts, while at SENZ - it is gorgeous and Patsy has a lot more in stock but one can't buy them all as one would like to!!

Who loves Spoodle dogs? Again this was made for an order and Graham  is a Spoodle dog owner. I searched Google for this photo and wasn't disappointed. I have recessed a window and placed him in, after printing him off twice and raising him up. I am not a doggy person but I thought he looked so cute - could almost be tempted!!

Timaru is calling this afternoon, as there is a church craft afternoon, making cards - Hugh has threatened to clamp the wheels on my car, so as to keep me at home ( all in good nature, I'm sure!!) so had better get some work done before I head out. It's not gardening weather today, thankfully!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I do appreciate you all and love hearing from you.

Trust you will all be blessed today, happy crafting.

Betsy  xxx


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    1. Thanks Christine, it seems ages since we caught up. Dare say you're very busy farm wise just now. Love xxx

  2. Thanks Em - I really appreciate your encouraging
    comments. Blessings,
    Betsy xx