Monday, 22 June 2015

Tattered Lace Dies

Hello again ladies.

For the past few days I have been playing with many of the Tattered Lace Dies as we want some display cards for the SENZ Expo, so I thought I would share three with you. I have actually made twenty, but I sure won't bore you with showing them all! If you are lucky enough to be in Auckland over the big weekend, they will be on display at Artfull Crafts for you to see in person. I have been so enjoying this little exercise.

This is a recessed window card, 5 1/4" square, and I have used the flower die that was on the front of the Tattered Lace, Issue 11 book to make the fuchsia flowers. It is so much fun and the instructions are very easy to follow. There is a variety of different flowers that can be made using these dies, all with the accompanying instructions.

This second card is another recessed window card, I have used the die that was attached to the Issue 14 catalogue as well as the sentiment which came with the Issue 16 book. The photo is one I have had for some considerable time, taken from wrapping paper.

A different shaped card for this one. Issue 12 has two gorgeous corner dies and for this card I have cut one out four times, attaching them to a piece of teal card for a different effect. These Tattered Lace dies are stunning, so intricate and yet they do cut out reasonably well. I do use a piece of greaseproof paper between the die and the card though - it does help release the die easier.

This time next week, all being well, I will be enjoying our time at Geelong with the Kaisercraft folk, at their Retailer's Days. It is always a great time and we so enjoy catching up with everyone there. Then it is flying back direct to Auckland for the SENZ weekend. I am getting a little old for all this jetting but must say, I still enjoy it - my last year I say, but have been reminded that I said the same last year!!

Happy crafting ladies, will be in touch when we get home and may God bless you all.

Betsy  xxx

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