Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Wedding at The Weekend.

In my last post I told you of a wedding that we were going to, over the weekend. It was absolutely lovely, so thought I would show you a few photos of the gorgeous couple and the family. It was very Indian and I was even persuaded to wear an Indian outfit as well! We had the groom's aunties staying with us - what super ladies they were. Aunty Kushma had brought a couple of outfits but of course could only wear one, hence Betsy got the beautiful cerise pink one. See what you think!!

'Fraid my skin needed a little tanning and my hair needed a little dyeing to match the lovely Indian ladies but it was altogether, rather fun. Could also do with a bit more height!!
As I have been in Timaru for most of the day and haven't done any work here, had better go and show something for my day.
May you all know God's blessing,

Betsy xx


  1. You look amazing Betsy - the pink is stunning! Was great to see you yesterday.
    Lowri x

  2. wow... you looking fabulous in Indian dress...