Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Post

A special hello to all my blogging friends.
Another New Year is upon us and doesn't it make one wonder what it will bring!

The New year is an open door, through which we each must go;
The opportunities it holds, are still for us to know.

There will be chances to do good, to help our fellow man;
Let's use each moment that it brings the very best we can.

There will be countless golden hours, God gives them to us free;
Time is the greatest of all gifts He gives to you and me.

The New Year is an open door: it will swing open wide;
We must resolve to give our best before we step inside.

The New Year is a priceless gift, so let us use it well;
The tears and happiness it holds, the next twelve months will tell.
                                      - Raymond Orner

We have had a fabulous Christmas and New Year time with our family and I would like to share some photos. The Christmas ones were taken at our daughter's home at Cromwell, then we went down to our son's farm in the Catlins, for the New Year.

Do hope you have enjoyed seeing our family, as much as I have enjoyed showing them, to you all!

Trust you are all having a great holiday wherever you are and that the weather is kind!

May you know God's blessing for 2013, and looking forward to keeping in touch.

Betsy  xxx


  1. Happy New Year and your family look so happy and contented. May you have many many more wonderful get togethers xxx

  2. Looks like you enjoyed a marvelous time, Betsy. Happy New Year!