Monday, 6 May 2019

Turnable Double Photo Frame

Hello to all my special friends. I do hope you are all well and avoiding the flue this season, as well as all the other multiple things going round right now. I managed to succumb but am now on the mend I'm thankful to say. I'ts certainly not my favourite time of the year!

Having had plenty of time lying round, I have been able to check up on a number of You Tubes etc and have discovered an amazing number of great different ideas and different designers. The project I am sharing today is just one of my finds. A Turnable Double Photo Frame which has been designed by Nicole Silhouette, who lives in Holland and sells her dies through Ali Express - she also has videos to follow up with her dies. She is a very talented lady and is very productive as far as designing goes. I'm so glad I discovered her and I so enjoyed putting this frame together. I so hope you enjoy the viewing ladies. Do click on the images for a clearer showing.

I have used 49 and Market papers for this as they are are a firmer thickness, hence I didn't have to cover with designer papers, which halves the work. The frame pivots on a drinking straw, rather unique but very stable and it turns beautifully. The images are taken off Pinterest off course. Thanks Nicole, I am so pleased with the finished product, in fact love it and it's a little change from card making!

Well, must away and complete a card order - just have to personalise them with sentiments and names. As we had a lovely day at Ashburton on Saturday with my card making friends, I managed to get the four made up, so just the finishing touches now.

Thanks again for not giving up on me, hopefully I should be right now!! Again trust everyone is well and enjoying what you are doing. This comes with God's blessing on you all, until next time,

Betsy  xxx

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