Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kaisercraft Cards

Hello everyone.

I have had another day with my patchwork friends.In fact I had the prestigious position of being hostess!! It was another lovely day - I love these ladies. When we shifted from Catlins, six years ago now, they welcomed me with opened arms. You couldn't find a more delightful group!

Thought I would show you some of the cards I made for Kaisercraft, for February. They are actually published in the lastest Workshop Magazine. It is the gorgeous These Days collection which I really love! It has so many different possibilities and so many different colour combinations.

I do so love card making and passing on the little that I have gleaned from other very clever ladies in blogworld. Mind you, sometimes my brain does co-operate and I do get waves of inspiration!!
Well my friends, have you been keeping up with Liz's travels etc on Artfull Crafts site - sounds as though it might be hard to get her back to WORK. I am looking forward to her return though, next week! When you are ordering from Artfull Crafts, remember to add a FREE Worshop Magazine - they are full of great ideas.

Happy crafting to everyone, thanks for checking this out. Would love for you to comment.

With love and blessings to you all,

Betsy xx


  1. Your cards are beautiful, I just love what you do. Thanks so much for sharing your work and inspiration.

  2. Seeing your cards together really shows how beautifully you worked the collection. Congrats again on your publication and wishing you a very happy valentine's day

    1. Thank you so much Sandy and a very happy day to you as well. I just wish I could branch out like you and Lowri do- you both do a lot of'outside the square work' which is really lovely. Mind you I do love doing my cards!!

  3. Gorgeous cards as always Betsy! Looking forward to seeing your work in the March Kaisercraft Magazine too!
    Lowri :-)

  4. Replies
    1. And I was WORKING very hard on that cruise Betsy!

    2. I'm sure you were Liz but no doubt different work. He,he.