Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Calling All Cat Lovers

Hello to all my special blog friends.

Do trust you have all had a lovely weekend, as we have had. Artfull Crafts had a great camp over the weekend with two fabulous tutors. Trina McClune from away up Auckland way and Cheryl Townley from Christchurch. Their cards were lovely and we did so enjoy having them with us and sitting under their teaching. Thanks so much to you lovely ladies. A great weekend was had by all. Roaring 20's was the theme for Saturday night and it was most enjoyable - the OLDS didn't manage to do the energetic parts but we did enjoy watching!

Today, I thought I would show you some cards, especially for those of you who are cat lovers.A friend had this die, which I cut out, so as to make some cards. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the die but will find out and include it on a future post, for those who would like to get it.

This last card is my interpretation of one I saw on Pinterest - thought it was so cute.

I am feeling a bit washed out today because we had to travel to Christchurch, immediately after camp, as I had a dental appointment early yesterday morning. So have lost some energy somewhere and a bit lighter in the pocket, as well. Oh well, the joys of getting older!!

All today ladies.
Happy crafting to all and many blessings,

Betsy  xxx


  1. Lovely cards for cat lovers or not ... my particular favorite is the second one with the black cats under the street lamp .... soooooo cute xx

  2. Love the cats! Would love to know were to purchase them!

  3. Love the cats too and those cards are extremly beautiful!!!! Congrats!

  4. Thank you so much ladies for you kind comments. I rather like those cats as well! In my blog post this week I have put the name and number of the die, so do check it out. Christina, your cards never cease to amaze me - they are beautiful.

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